♥ in the changing seasons

♥ in the garden

For just a little longer I’m sure..but oh, for now, the joy!

♥ in the ordinary

♥ in the making

♥ in the unexpected

I had been enjoying this book from the library after seeing it on Faye’s blog.  It was a book Annaleah liked as well and one day she told me that she had ordered a copy.  She had the order sent to our house as they don’t have a permanent address while they are awaiting the closure of the house they are buying, and when she came to get the package and opened it up, she pulled out two copies ~ one for her and one for me ~ what a sweet surprise!

♥ in simplicity

  We are enjoying such lovely blue skies here in the Pacific Northwest today


“Fortunately, beauty is easy to invite into any home, for beauty has many faces.  Beauty can be found in a hand-colored photograph or a hand-stitched quilt, or in shelves lined with bright-hued jelly jars.  A pot of graceful ivy can be beautiful, and so can a sweet-potato vine growing in a jar…What is beautiful to you?  What makes you smile in delight or makes your spirit soar?…Surround yourself with beauty.”

Emilie Barnes ~ Welcome Home

I hope you have been enjoying the gift of beauty today!


24 thoughts on “Beauty…

  1. Lovely pictures, Sharon. We had some blue sky after the fog burned off this morning. Our library finally has that book in, so I just requested it.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  2. It is indeed a time when everywhere is looking beautiful, golden leaves, bright red berries, and misty mornings. We havent got your sunshine though!

  3. It truly is a beautiful season, Sharon.. I think my favorite thing about Fall is the golden glow at the front of our house from all the yellow maple leaves from the trees outside,, And the smell of the air which is so fresh this time of year..
    I’m glad you were gifted the wonderful book…
    God bless…

  4. I love all your pictures! So beautiful. Each one I looked at made me smile. I will have to see if our library has that book. It looks very interesting. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. Beauty, indeed! All of the colors in your pictures have captured such warm and inviting scenes! Beautiful!

    Autumn blessings,

  6. Oh, the leaves are so beautiful this time of year! It’s been rainy today and yet, the leaves are still so beautiful…fluttering down and creating a lovely yellow covering on the grass. Such beauty He’s given!

    Have a blessed weekend,

  7. Hello Elizabeth ~

    Our sunshine has left us too now ~ it has been rainy here today…but still it is beautiful and makes for such a nice homey day!
    This is a lovely time of year with such a magnificent display of colors to enjoy.

    I hope your weekend is a blessed one!

  8. Oh, yes, Terri ~ I know often I take things for granted…the beauty and the joy in simple everyday things. It is so good for me to stop and look around.

    Have a blessed weekend! How did you do at the market?

  9. Hi Donna ~ This time of year is filled with such beauty! I am always inspired when I visit you and see all the beauty He has surrounded you with! I hope you can find the book at your library.

    Have a lovely weekend with your family,

  10. Dear Katie ~

    He has given us such beauty to behold…in the everyday things, and in the beauty of the seasons too. Today has been rainy, but still beautiful, and I love that this can be a homey kind of day. I think I should make some cookies! 🙂

    Sweet weekend blessings to you and your family!

  11. I am so happy to have a clothespin bag for my clothespins ~ I have never had one before! Thank you again so much for sharing your pattern ~ I LOVE it!


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