Rainy weekend days…

Those pretty blue skies from my last post have disappeared and today has been a rainy Saturday.  There is still beauty…I love how the leaves are making a yellow carpet on the grass ~

This seemed like a perfect day to work on some crafting and I finally made my first embellished flour sack towel.  I did this one in a fall print, but I found some homespun material with hearts on it in my fabric stash and I think I would like to use that one to make one of these for a Christmas gift.  Like they showed in the instructions, I think one of these towels and a jar of jam would make such a simple yet lovely gift.

Here is a link for the towel tutorial:

Have you started any handmade Christmas gifts?  Oh, how I need some ideas!!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Saturday at your house.

Simple weekend blessings!


18 thoughts on “Rainy weekend days…

  1. The leaves on the grass are beautiful! The flower sack towel is beautiful! I am going to check out that tutorial. 🙂

    Have a great Sunday.


  2. Good Evening Sharon ♥ I love how the leaves add that fall touch to your yard! Your flour sack towel is so pretty! Your little stuffed cloth pumpkin blends in so well! I think that I recognize that sweet little pumpkin as one just like it that was in our mailbox last year at this time! I love it and THANK YOU again for adding an autumn touch to our home. Blessings for your weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. Hi Sharon.. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely idea.. I, too, need to get busy making gifts.. Time flies so fast, eh?
    Have a wonderful weekend…

  4. How beautiful your towel is! I haven’t started on gifts for Christmas at all, and really need to get moving. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head but nothing started yet.

  5. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I have already checked out the tutorial and marked it in my favorites. This is something I definitely want to do. You already know some of my homemade gift ideas. Homemade coffee creamers for one thing. I am taking a jar of the gingerbread creamer to church tonight for us to us in our coffee. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. Darling towel, Sharon!! I am itching to make some Christmas gifts too. Was it on your blog that I saw some felt food creations you made?? I don’t think I have the time to make those, but I would love to do that sometime. I think I’m going to make up some gift baskets for Christmas. I love to fill them up with all sorts of goodies. Gift baskets are my favorite gift to give ~ there are so many different things to fill them up with! =)

    Oh, and love how you said “the yellow carpet” covering the grass! Fun!


  7. Hi Sharon,
    Your towel is so pretty! Did you also make that cute little pumpkin?

    I am not very good with crafts, so I can’t give you any ideas…sorry.

    I love the look of fallen leaves too. Our neighbor’s front lawn across the street is just filled with leaves!

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely day!

  8. Hi Susan ~ it is good to see you! I didn’t make the little pumpkin ~ I found it at a bazaar ~ and now it is that time of year again! I love going to bazaars and seeing all the wonderful handiwork of others! We have a couple on the calendar for this week ~ fun!

    Blessings on your week,

  9. Hi Katie ~ Yes, my daughter and I made some felt food last year for Christmas and it was so much fun!! We had such an enjoyable time! I love gift baskets too, I think they are probably one of my favorite kinds of gifts to put together. Have fun putting yours together ~ I know they will be filled with lots of love!

    Sweet joys to you this week!

  10. Hi Donna ~ Yes, your homemade coffee creamers will make perfect gifts! Do you think they would work in hot milk? Gingerbread creamer sounds perfect for this time of year!

    Sweet blessings on your day!

  11. Hi Terri ~ I am glad I was finally able to try this towel tutorial out ~ it had been bookmarked for awhile. I do love to make as many Christmas gifts as possible, I just don’t have many ideas this year. I hope you will have some time to work on your ideas ~ I love to see your handiwork!


  12. Hello Teri ~ Thanks for your sweet words! I am glad that you can enjoy a little fall pumpkin at your house too! We have a couple bazaars on the calendar for this week ~ I am hoping to find a few little things for Christmas gifts!

    Joy & blessings on your day,

  13. Hi Vicki ~ Blessings on your day! The leaves are so pretty now ~ I love the colors spread all over the ground! The flour sack towel was a quick project ~ I love those kind!

    Joy to you,

  14. I love these. I have fall fabric and all other kinds too that would be cute for these. Plenty of rickrack on hand too. All I need is the dish towels. Would be cute for next year’s Christmas gifts.

  15. I think these would make lovely Christmas gifts. It is nice to find something that is simple and yet pretty to make.

    Blessings on your week, Debbie!

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