A blessing…

 How sweet to be able to go out and pick a bouquet of lavender in November!

May your day be one of abundance ~ enjoying all the blessings from His hand!

Joy to you!


18 thoughts on “A blessing…

  1. Yes, indeed, and this one is so pretty and I’m sure its fragrance is just filling the air in your home.
    Have a lovely weekend, Sharon.

  2. Very pretty. I love that basket hanging there too. The only thing left in my garden is some sage and a bit of parsley. Surprisingly, they survived the snowstorm we had last week.

  3. Good evening Sharon, indeed what a blessing to still have blooms of sweet fragrance. I also have a lavander potted out our back walkway to the chicken area, and just tonight as I was coming back in, I brushed my hand through the plant and told Charles, ‘this just smell so good.’ It makes me think of the scripture that mentions how we should be a ‘sweet smelling savour’. Thanks for sharing.
    In Joy,

  4. This was such a joy to find lavender to cut in November! This bouquet was from my new plants in the cutting garden. I can hardly wait until next year! Brushing by lavender is such a sweet pleasure ~ it just smells so wonderful!

    Yes, that scripture…it’s such a great reminder…thank you Vivian!


  5. The day of your comment we were enjoying such a lovely sunny day too ~ Smile! Such a blessing for both of us this time of year!

    This lavender was such a blessing ~ He is so good to us!

    Blessings on your day,

  6. Thanks, Terri! We may have a bit of things left in our herb garden too, although it is very overgrown looking now. No snow here yet, although it sure is getting chilly!

    Blessings to you,

  7. I think I will leave this bouquet hanging in my livingroom to enjoy through the winter, it was so sweet to find this blessing so late in the year.

    Joy to you ~and have a lovely day, Sandy

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