Simple beauty in the home

Don’t you especially appreciate beauty in the winter months, when days are shorter and much more gray.  We have alot of gray days here in the Pacific Northwest.  Lately though, we have been enjoying some sunshiny days and it is wonderful ~ it almost makes you forget it’s wintertime, except that it’s chilly!

Simple beauty in my home definitely makes me happy ~ and I love that it doesn’t have to be expensive!

 A simple primrose in January brings an abundance of color and joy!  I am always so excited to see them in the stores this time of year!  This one, a gift from my sweetman, makes it even more special!

Homemade cheeriness!  I love these potholders and hope to make some more soon.  The color and cheeriness of these remind me of you, Pom Pom!  Although small, these potholders are so handy and also the perfect size to put under a bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning.  For the inside batting part, I used some older potholders that weren’t very pretty,  so they are the perfect thickness and gave me the satisfaction of making something new out of something old.  The instructions were found in this book:  Handmade Home:  Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures

Abbie has completed a couple also for Home-Ec.

A recently thrifted chair (when all furniture was half off ~yay!) with an afghan made by my great-grandmother.

Glass jars ~ it is a special treat to have a few older ones!

But this one especially brings me joy ~ a recent thrift store find for 20 cents!!

And jar storage in the garage ~ yes…beauty can even be found in not so pretty places! 🙂

Fresh food beauty ~ a lovely splash of color for this time of year ~ and delicious too!

“Many people…seem to think that we can secure beauty only by profuse money outlay–that beauty is in the ratio of expense.  On the contrary, beauty is largely independent of expense.”

The Complete Home

What kind of beauty in your home brings you joy?

Weekend blessings!


16 thoughts on “Simple beauty in the home

  1. What a lovely post. We also have been enjoying more sunshine in our part of the Pacific Northwest. I love the little pot holders.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


  2. Your beautiful pictures and words made me smile today and brought some sunshine in! It has been dreary and dark here too with either rain or snow or both. Finally as couple of hours ago the sun filtered through but it is only in the 20’s right now! Brrrr! I especially love all the colors in your afghan. What a beautiful treasure you have there knowing it was crafted by your grandmother!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Your flowers are lovely. I really like the little pot holders but I think my favorite picture is the afghan that your great grandmother made. What a treasure to have! It is beautiful. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Greetings to you dear one, Loved the primrose-so beautiful! Your pot-holders are so cute! We’ve had a drier-than-normal winter so far and I’m enjoying it. Snow can stay in the mountains. Have a blessed weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Hi Sharon!
    Oh, I DO love those spotty pot holders!
    I am so happy that you have had some sunny days in the PNW! My parents are in Phoenix for the dreary months and I am going down to see them tomorrow. I like going to Washington much more, but the sun might feel good on my cold Denver bones!
    Granny’s crocheted blanket is GORGEOUS!
    I have primroses on the window sill. I love them, too!

  6. Your flower is so lovely. And I loved all your pretty pictures. Thanks for reminding us of inexpensive beauty. Oh, and your potholders are so pretty too! Blessings ~

  7. Oh Sharon, the Afghan is so very lovely, and what memories you must have with it.
    You are right, we dont need to spend money to enjoy the beauty around us.

  8. Thank you for another lovely post, Sharon..
    I love color in my home especially in the Winter here in Eastern Canada…
    The afghan from your Gram is priceless..

  9. I’m new here, come over from “the quiet home”.
    I too love homemaking . I have always believed in excepting the challenge of taking whatever you’ve got for home and making it pretty, homey and inviting. Of course when you have such an ideal, it will be challenged(year round residence in a camp cottage- family of six) so I need plenty of inspiration and encouragement from other homemakers who are lovin it, especially Sisters in Christ.

  10. I enjoyed your post so much Sharon! All the lovely photos. Your pot holders are so cute, and the afghan made by your great-grandmother is beautiful! What a treasure. The simple things around my home brings me great joy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you so much ladies for your sweet comments! I am so blessed that each of you took time to drop by and visit with me! It is a joy ~ and I love that we can enjoy such simple things around our homes and encourage one another in our homemaking!

    Have a lovely day!

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