Snow beauty

Abbie captured this beautiful sunset the other day…and now our sunny days have turned into snowy days!

And while I must admit I’m not much of a winter girl, there is such amazing beauty right outside my window on days like these.

I love the lacy look of the tree branches!

My ponderings this time of year are already taking me to the garden ~

where a fresh new canvas awaits upcoming possibilities for beauty and productiveness!

I am hoping to learn more about growing and harvesting herbs now that I have my own little herb garden.  Chamomile is one thing I am especially looking forward to trying this year.  Do you grow it?

May your week be filled with loveliness & beauty!


14 thoughts on “Snow beauty

  1. Beautiful pictures. We are suppose to get some overnight. We will see if we do. Have a wonderful evening and stay warm.


  2. Dear friend, I loved your sunset photo and the beauty of fresh snow is indeed breathtaking. We’ve had such warm, dry weather that I’m already longing for spring. I usually only plant Basil and mint but may have to try Chamomile because I love the tea. May your week be warm and filled with wonder.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. As you know, we had snow also. Ours is completely gone now and we are getting rain. Snow is the only thing about winter that I like. I DO NOT like cold weather. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Hi Sharon.. Lovely pics and I too look forward to my herb garden..
    I grow Chamomile.. i use it in my salves…
    Have a blessed week..

  5. What an exquisite sky, such beautiful colours.
    I grow a lot of herbs, but have only grown Chamomile as a small lawn, the scent was so nice when we walked on it.

  6. Hi Sharon…such pretty photos! I have never grown chamomile…I may add that to my springtime gardening list! I hope that your day is a lovely one! Love ♥ Teri

  7. What lovely pictures Sharon. Life is so much richer when we take the time to see and ponder, don’t you think? We’ve alot of snow right now too, but its -34 C so I’m staying indoors! Have a wonderful day.

  8. Beautiful photos… thank you for sharing. I am missing the snow here. We are used to snow filled winters and right now we only have a couple of inches…

  9. Lovely photos! I *miss* the snow! In Wisconsin, we had a lot of that ~ not so much down here in Missouri. The photos of the snow-covered tree branches are beautiful. I really like the wagon wheel too! 🙂

    Seeing the snow-covered garden and reading your thoughts reminded me of Isaiah 55:9-11. *Snow from heaven*…God’s Word will not return void! What a wonderful God we serve!!!

    I hope you are having a lovely week as well!

    Blessings to you Miss Sharon! Stay warm!

  10. Beautiful pictures, Sharon. I’m looking forward to trying to improve my garden soil this year so I can grow more than a piddly handful of vegetables! LOL

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