Kitchen things


I love working on simple projects and linking up with Terri at Hearts in Service for her Crafty Things on Fridays is good motivation for me.

This week I have been working on kitchen things ~ cheery homemaking items!

My second knitted dishcloth ~ this time I used smaller needles which I liked.  It’s still not perfect, but I think the corners turned out better on this one than my first one.

I made a couple of simple potholders the other day by tracing around a bowl for a pattern, and stitching a heart in the center of the layers before sewing the back on.

I liked the colors as I was making this one, however the front seemed kind of dark after I finished.

 In the end, I almost like the cheeriness of the gingham on the back better!

 I love making things I can use around my home.

What have you been working on?

Have a blessed and lovely weekend,



10 thoughts on “Kitchen things

  1. My first comment here I think. I love to make little useful things for my home too (and some not so “useful”. I keep thinking that I need to make some new potholders. I made the present ones years ago and they are kinda stained.

  2. Darling!! Those pieces would cheer up any kitchen! 🙂 Great work.

    I’ve been working on setting up home in our new house. I’ve also been enjoying decorating the walls with Scripture ~ hope to post on that in the weeks ahead, Lord willing.

    Thank you so much for your prayers for me and my family ~ they mean so much.

    Blessings to you Miss Sharon!
    ♥ Katie

  3. It is so nice to have you visit, Heather! WELCOME! It is fun to make things for the home. I have loved being able to use some of my old potholders to make new ones.

    Have a lovely day,

  4. Thank you, Katie!

    Such a joy to get a new home set up. I will look forward to seeing how you’re decorating the walls with Scripture ~ I love that!

    Have a blessed and sweet day!

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