Snippets of summertime blessings

  It looks like summer has finally arrived at my house!  It has been such a long time since I last posted ~ back when the rainy days were here!  How are you doing?  I am enjoying these days so much ~ the wonderful sunshine and warmth, the restful days, and the simple pleasures of summertime♥

We have gone down to the beach a few times♥

We harvested the first of our rhubarb ~ and used it in a strawberry rhubarb pie♥

An unexpected package arrived in the mail one day…so beautifully fabric wrapped!  I have been wanting to try making the pinwheel potholders shown on the Homestead Blessings Quilting DVD…I think this material is so pretty and perfect!

I sat out and enjoyed the little book with a cup of tea♥

 Bill and I went to a lavender farm ~ inspiration for me ~ and so sweet of him to take me♥

The deep purple ones are definitely my favorite!

Today we harvested some of our own♥

And put them into bundles for drying.  The scent is WONDERFUL♥

There has been the regular things too ~ eating our meals outside,  backyard fun and laughter, cooking, the dishes, and laundry…and more laundry and more dishes, and weeding of the same places more than once, but oh, these days are filled with simple blessings.

I hope your days have been filled with some sweet summertime pleasures too!

Joy to you,



16 thoughts on “Snippets of summertime blessings

  1. Hi Sharon! It’s so nice to see you! Oh, the lavender is extra-lovely! I remember a cool herb farm near Issaquah when we lived in Washington. I’m glad the weather has turned. I’m meeting my parents and siblings for an island stay soon. I miss the PNW.
    Happy summer to you, friend!

  2. Dear Sharon! It all looks lovely! Lavender is the sweetest houshold blessing, just can’t get enough of it! We have a farm near us too,in Norfolk, UK.
    Hapy days to you. xxx H

  3. Hi, Sharon! What a wonderful summer you are having! The lavender farm is beautiful. I bet yours smells so good too. That is a sweet gift you received, and I love the fabric!

    Have a great day.


  4. Sharon, it’s so good to hear from you!!!! I wish I could smell that lavender farm. Beautiful! It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. 🙂

  5. I am always blessed to come and have a little visit with you, Sharon. How I love lavender!! I can imagine the fragrance while visiting that farm. Must have been heavenly. I am glad you and yours are enjoying your summer.
    Richest blessings~

  6. Lavender is so lovely.. I would love to take that little trip.. smile..
    Glad you are having a blessed Summer and so nice to hear from you..

  7. I am SO glad you are back. I have missed reading your posts. Your pictures are beautiful! I would love to go to a lavender farm. It looks beautiful. I love the smell of lavender. It is my favorite. I like the idea of a gift wrapped in fabric. It’s like getting two gifts in one. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. It’s so nice to see you too! I would love to visit an herb farm…how fun! Oh, the weather is so wonderful…I hope it is like this when you go to the island to enjoy some time with your family!

    Sweet summer blessings, Pom Pom!

  9. Oh, yes…lavender is so wonderful! Have your visited the farm near you? How fun it would be to have a lavender farm.

    I hope you are enjoying many summer blessings!

  10. Hi Terri ~ Thank you! Our June did not seem very summery, so it is such a blessing to have some sunshine and warmth! Sweet days for sure!

    I hope your days are filled with many blessings!

  11. And I am always blessed to have a visit from you, Sandy! Lavender is one of my favorites…what a delight it is! He does give such good gifts for us to enjoy!

    I hope your days are filled with an abundance of blessings from His hand!

  12. Thank you, Donna ~ it is good to be back and to visit with all of you ladies! This was the first time for us visiting this lavender farm. We had another farm that we had enjoyed going to but it is no longer open to the public; then we found this one. I really love the sweet smell of lavender, and I love seeing it hanging and drying around my home…such a simple pleasure.

    I hope your summer days are filled with sweet things!

  13. Hello Donna…Your pictures are beautiful! I am fairly new to the blog world…and I think your blog is just lovely!

    Your newest follower, Jaclyn

  14. Oh, how nice to meet you, Jaclyn ~ thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet words ~ and welcome to the blog world!

    I hope to visit with you again soon!

    Have a blessed and sweet day!

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