~♥~September blessings friends~♥~

Does anyone else feel a little saddened to see summer time come to an end?  We are back to homeschooling and will need to settle in to more of a routine again.  It’s day 2, the days are still sunny, and routine is good!  From the looks of my blog ~ it looks like it has been on a bit of a vacation too! 😉

One of my happy accomplishments this year was to start a mint garden.  I was so excited about this, however the way they are spreading, I can see I probably should have a separate garden for each one, so come springtime, I may have to rethink this.  I should have probably called this a “tea garden” for that is what I mostly intend to use these mints for.   One thing I wanted to try growing was chamomile, which I added in along with the mints.  I wanted to try drying some for tea.

This is a bouquet I cut yesterday, hanging to dry.   Isn’t it such a pretty little flower?

   My first attempts at drying the chamomile were in the oven.  It seemed to take too long and I just wasn’t happy with the results.  So I decided to try drying it like I do lavender, hanging it upside down.  This seemed to work much better for me and there is the added blessing of the beauty and simplicity of it drying.

Now it’s tea time ~ sounds perfect for September!

I hope your days are filled with September loveliness!♥


18 thoughts on “Chamomile

  1. Hello Sharon, how beautiful. A few years back I had some chamomile. Love it. It makes your home look so lovely! I would love to sit with you and talk the day away! Dreamin’ and that is good! Hugs and God bless you sweet friend! Linda

  2. Yes those flowers are pretty. I am excited for fall. I like the colors and the fresh air. It is such a good time for walking too. Have a wonderful day Sharon.

  3. Hi Sharon! Mint takes over everything!! I have spearmint growing in my garden that the previous pastor’s wife planted. It is everywhere. In fact, mint seems to be the only thing I can grow! lol

  4. We have a mint garden as well. I did have it with my other herbs but it decided to take over so I moved it to its own little area. I have not tried raising chamomile before but I do enjoy it as a tea. I hope yours turns out well. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. Hi Sharon … I must share that I am so looking forward to the fall season! Such sweet pleasures of home that you have shared! Simple blessings for your week!

  6. Hi Pom Pom ~ We have been enjoying such lovely days…a little rain overnight Sunday…the first rain in about 48 days. Isn’t that amazing for here?

    I hope school is going well for you.

  7. Getting in the back to school routine is helping me get ready for fall. It is such a lovely time of year, and good walking weather…the coolness feels good.

    Have a blessed day, Linda!

  8. I did have my peppermint in my ladder garden with other herbs and that probably was a better spot. I just wanted to have a special garden with all the mints together. Maybe not such a good idea! 🙂

    Have a lovely day, Donna!

  9. Hi, Sharon! It is getting cooler here and more fall like. Your chamomile looks so pretty hanging. 🙂 I love growing mint for tea. We have peppermint and spearmint. I want to add pineapple mint and chocolate mint next year. I hope you have a wonderful school year!


  10. The chamomile flowers are very pretty. I love chamomile tea. Let us know how the drying turns out. I’m starting to look forward to fall, though our weather is still hot. Enjoy a lovely evening Sharon! 🙂

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