Large hot pads

Sometimes it seems like the round potholders I use on a regular basis are just a little too small when using them to set under larger items on the counter or the table.  So I decided to try making something a little bigger.  I just traced around the glass lid to one of my casserole dishes for a homemade pattern.

I made one regular one (which I prefer) and one in the style of the bath mitt with a pocket on the front.  Now I can look forward to trying them out!

I hope your day is one of  simplicity!


13 thoughts on “Large hot pads

  1. Hi, Sharon! Thanks for stopping by! It was good to hear from you. Your hot pads are so pretty. I love the fabric. I need some larger ones too. I like to move my skillet straight from the stove eye to the table. 🙂

    Have a great evening!


  2. Hi Vicki, this size would probably be great for that! I really liked the material too, but maybe because of the shape, they kinda looked like Easter eggs after I made them! 😉


  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing about the rebatch soap. I really like that idea! What type of soap did you use? I was thinking maybe ivory or something like that. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. So far I have only tried Dr. Bronner’s and a goat’s milk soap. If you try the Ivory, l’d love to hear how it turns out!

    Oh, I forgot…the first one I tried was Tom’s of Maine lavender.

    Blessings Donna!

  5. Dear Sharon,

    Just wanted to wish you a very blessed New Year! May the Lord fill you and your family with His love, wisdom, and grace!


  6. im looking for large hot pad/ oven covers up to 20 x 27 inch bisque hot pads to act as a cover for my mothers new bisque glass top oven. please call me at 928.225.7330 my name is todd thx

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