Sweet and simple things

Most often it is the little things that add sweetness to life.  I just need to be on the lookout more often for them!

in the kitchen 006

These lavender lemon shortbread cookies were such a sweet treat!  I forgot to add a sprinkle of granulated sugar on the tops of these.  The next time I made them, I added it and it does add a really nice touch!  I think it would make a perfect tea cookie.

in the kitchen 026

Fresh zucchini and Bok Choy from the garden!

 We love ♥love♥ love♥ stir fry for dinner and it was an extra special treat when it was made with some fresh ingredients from the garden!

outside 004

The tomatoes are starting to ripen!  The tomatoes are a special blessing this year because Abbie grew the plants from seeds.  The plants are bigger than any we have had before and there are lots of tomatoes to be enjoyed!

outside 012


We have played SO many games of croquet this summer and it fills our backyard with so much fun and laughter!  My husband thinks we need a new croquet set and he is right, but I think this one looks rustic and I like that.  If we do find a new one for a good price, we will keep using this one too and set up an even longer course and it will allow more people to play!  Even more fun!

italian night 019

Italian night at our outside “home cafe”!  How fun this was!

On the menu:

Stuffed pasta shells

Green salad with Italian dressing

Italian bread

Sparkling grape juice


Homemade apple pie ~ this was an extra treat as we had apples from our tree that needed to be processed!

It is such a blessing that so much joy can be found right here at home!

I hope this is a blessed week for you!

Drop by and say hello if you have a chance ~ I’d love to hear about the sweet and simple things you’ve been enjoying!


10 thoughts on “Sweet and simple things

  1. Dear Sharon…such sweet and simple pleasures! I love all of your lovely photos! Thank you for sharing! Sweetest Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. Such a true post! I think the simple pleasures are always the best and most often overlooked. Thanks for sharing your pictures. God bless.

  3. I enjoyed all of your photos! And those cookies look delicious. I love shortbread cookies! I haven’t played croquet in years, it looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing about your lovely summer days Sharon.

  4. We play a lot of croquet here, too. We have enjoyed introducing our grandchildren to the game the past few years…our set is a vintage one, too.

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