Spring plant sale

Spring plant sale 023

I love this time of year with all the plants arriving at the stores and garden shops.  I especially look forward to a plant sale put on by a local garden club.  It is scheduled for next weekend!  Then this past week when I was at the library, I saw an advertisement for another garden club sale that was close by.  So, this morning we ventured out to see what it was like.  It was wonderful!  Everything was so neat and organized and they had boxes and wagons to carry your plants in.   It was not crowded, and the workers were plentiful and helpful.

I love this type of sale because I find that it is such a frugal way to add plants to the garden.  I purchased three Roma tomato plants,  two pots of Swiss chard, a pony pack of thyme, two sunflowers and a pink phlox ~ all for $10.   I am especially excited to have the additions of another pink phlox and some sunflowers for my cutting garden.  I have had trouble with something eating my sunflowers in recent years, and I’m hoping that since these plants are larger, they will be okay.  Sunflowers are so cheery in the garden!

Oh, the blessings of Spring!


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