Simple beauty

Simple ♥ Things

Nothing fancy here ~ but they bring

Surround yourself with things of beauty ~ however simple they may be


Colorful projects

garden 006

Garden color

color 015

A simple pumpkin ~ later to be made into a pie for my pumpkin pie loving husband


Drying Calendula


Lovely green Geranium cuttings

When it was time to clean out the windowboxes for the season, I took some cuttings ~ so hopefully I’ll have some new plants for color next spring!


Hot tea on chilly fall mornings

I’m enjoying my thrifted treasures!

What simple touches of beauty are filling your heart with joy today?


8 thoughts on “Simple beauty

  1. Such lovely colours! I did enjoy my visit with you, Sharon.
    The tomatoes look fantastic! What do you use the calendula petals for?
    Pumpkin pie ~ that’s something I’ve never cooked. I’d like to try yours, it will be delicious!

  2. So nice to have you come by! We have been so blessed with tomatoes this year. My husband and daughter enjoy fried tomatoes on toast. I dry the calendula petals and then use them to make calendula infused oil. I have only used it to make calendula salve so far.

    Pumpkin pie is yummy!


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