These winter days

These have been wonderfully quiet, pondering & thinking kind of days.  These winter days after the activity of the holiday season and before the days of spring.

these winter days 006

It is a fresh new year!

 Always at this time I am looking forward to spring.  I know it will not be far off.  But for now I will bring a little spring inside.


Primroses are out now…a sure sign for me that spring will be coming!


These are the geranium cuttings I took back in the fall and set in water to root.

geraniums 013


They all rooted and now have been planted in soil.   I am so excited about this!  There have even been some blossoms!  In the spring I can plant them into one of the outside window boxes.  I love the frugality and satisfaction of this!  This fall maybe I will do more.

these winter days 010

Enjoying the evening with some candlelight.  Bill cut me a piece of branch from a limb that came down in a windstorm and I am using it as a little base for the candle…the rustic simplicity makes me smile.  Now it is all drippy with wax and adds even more charm.

beeswax tarts 003

I found  some beeswax tarts in a favorite little shop, and you should smell them!  The fresh honey smell is just delightful!  They are a new favorite, and they were so inexpensive!

these winter days 044

Reading by the fire!  This is has become one of my favorite winter activities.  We don’t have any small children to read to, but a couple years ago Bill and I started reading aloud to each other on winter evenings.   It allows for a slowing and settling in for the evening.  What a joy it is to read a good book together this way.

With this new year I hope it brings joy and fresh hope to you!  It is a new opportunity for us to do His will.

Sweet blessings friends!


14 thoughts on “These winter days

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I feel as though I just had a lovely winter visit to your home! You really do have a special eye for elegant simplicty…you should write a book! I would buy it!
    I shall defintely try cuttings of geraniums in future ~ thanks for that fun tip.
    The candle platform made of a slice if branch ( I think that is right? it is quite a dark pic, but it looks roundish ) ~ another great idea.
    Oh, your lovely fire! I would find it hard to leave it! Thank you for sharing all the goodness!


  2. Dear Sharon,
    Your plants look wonderful! I love geraniums.♥
    What a pretty tart warmer! I enjoy using mine…will have to look for beeswax tarts!
    Oh, your beautiful fire! My parents have a wood stove, and I surely do miss it…would love to have one in my home….such a warmth cannot be matched by my heat pump!
    Hope you’re enjoying your week. Take care.♥

  3. Hi Sharon! I love your fire! I also love those geraniums! I wonder when the greenhouse will stock some. I should find out. They are so cheerful.

  4. Alex, it is so nice to have a visit with you! You are so sweet and encouraging! Yes, it is just a slice of a branch…very simple but I love it.
    Well, I’m off to make a fire to sit by, I have a bit of a cold and the warmth will feel good!

    Blessings on your day!

  5. Hello Sharon. I just wanted to let you know I am back in the blogging world. I know it has been a while but I certainly have missed you all. I made a post today. Come by and visit when you can. God bless.

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