Fine art

fine art 010

One of Abbie’s school projects ~ an ink and watercolor sketch

Chicken love

fine art 012

The chicken notecards Abbie made for me for Christmas ~ I love them!

I so admire those who are blessed with fine art skills.  I was thinking about this lately and kind of wishing that fine art was one of my gifts.  Although I love to make things, I don’t have skills in any of the fine arts.  Just after thinking about this, I came across this quote again, and oh, what an encouragement!

“Practise economy as a Fine Art:  make a duty and a pleasure of it…economy is a high Christian duty, that nothing be lost”. ~ From “The Complete Home:  An Encyclopedia Of Domestic Life And Affairs”

Can’t we all do this?  I just love how the Lord comes and encourages us!  And so now I am inspired afresh to “practise economy as a Fine Art”!  And it is pleasurable and rewarding!  It’s something that I can always grow in and work at improving, just as if I was painting or sketching!

What are some of the ways you “practise economy” in your home?


14 thoughts on “Fine art

  1. What a lovely chicken!
    I think that to bring flowers into one’s home, whether wild or from the garden, is a wonderful economy! The pleasure it gives me is long lasting and they lighten up the dreary chores.

  2. Dear Sharon & Abbie … love, love, love the artwork. Absolutely wonderful. I am blessed to have received as a precious gift … sweet note cards of Abbie’s … precious and charming. I love the quote that you shared. As I pondered over your question, there are many simple little homemade, handmade, heartmade projects that spruce up our home, that make sweet little gifts for family and friends and that help to keep us within our budget. I think that may be considered economy as a fine art. Thank you Sharon and Abbie. Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. Dear Teri ~ Thanks for your sweet words, friend! Yes, I so agree with you! “Homemade, handmade, and heartmade” ~ I love it! For adding loveliness and heart to our own homes as well as for giving as gifts ~ these are wonderful ways to practice economy as a fine art! Lovely thoughts, Teri!


  4. Wow, Sharon~
    Abbie did a beautiful job! She is quite talented! I love to receive gifts that are handmade. It’s very special.♥
    There are so many things I do to practice economy…making things last as long as possible, finding multiple uses for something, planning meals around things on sale, coming up with creative meals with what’s on hand. The list goes on and on! As a pastor’s family, money has always been something we’ve never had a lot of, so practicing economy is something we’ve always had to do. But I do enjoy coming up with new ways to live within our budget.
    Hope you’re enjoying your week!♥

  5. Thank you Melanie! I love hearing all the ways you practice economy around your home ~ good job! I too, have always needed to practice economy as we just have one income, but it is something I really enjoy!
    Have a lovely week!

  6. Wow, just amazing pen and watercolour work! Your daughter is so talented!
    But so are you Sharon, and it is your skills that have allowed her to flourish into her own talent : )
    I reckon we all shine in different ways ~ you are so special, my friend.

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