Christmas Reindeer


While out enjoying the Christmas season yesterday, we were able to stop by and see a couple of Christmas reindeer, Dasher and Blitzen, at a local plant nursery.


The beauty of home living

♥The simple pleasures and beauty of home living♥

cutting garden 002

~Garden joy~

home 001


Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

home 008

And Calendula Salve

home 011



home 013


home 022


home 016

Garden Phlox

home 027

~Backyard contentment~

home 031

~Outdoor fun ~

Bocce ball

cast iron pizza pan

~Homemade goodness~

Pizza on my cast iron pizza pan.  I ♥love♥ this pan…it is one of my kitchen favorites!

home 047

~Sweet treats~

What beauty are you enjoying around your home?

Summer greetings

Hello there!

So much time has passed since my last post!  What a beautiful summer we are having!

I thought I would share a little bit of garden beauty since we lasted visited.  These flowers were such a joy as I looked out my kitchen window.

lupine 2

Lupine!   A new flower to love!

lupine 1

Abbie planted these in the cutting garden last year and this was our first season for flowers.  I think they are so majestic looking.  They have finished blooming now and I am missing their splendor, but now some of the phlox is blooming and they are tall and beautiful too.

Today we visited a local rummage sale on the way to the Farmer’s Market.  It is a huge sale with lots of things to look at…and good prices!  In the housewares section I found this jar with the wire clasp and the small vase, both of which didn’t have prices marked on them.  I was thinking of just getting those two items.  When Bill took them up to be priced, the lady put them in a gallon ziplock bag and said that we could put as much as we could fit in the bag for $3.  If we didn’t find anything else we wanted, she said to come back and she would reprice it.

rummage sale 013

While he was waiting in line…such a good guy! :), I was browsing around!

rummage sale 021

I was so excited to find this egg beater!  I love it and it is in perfect condition!  So into the bag it went along some other things!  We even tried it out tonight making some whip cream and it whipped it up wonderfully!

rummage sale 008

A cheese slicer and pie server with a matching little fork were some of my finds

rummage sale 018

Along with an extra whisk which will come in handy, and this wonderful set of salad tongs.  The tongs are small,  yet heavy duty and so easy to use.  And I didn’t have a pair!

All of this fit into the bag along with another little bottle and the little cruet at the top which I thought would be cute to use as another flower vase!  This was so fun!  It was so nice to find such useful items!

It was a beautiful morning at the market.  When we first got there the sun was shining and there was a nice gentle breeze which made it so pleasant.  Going to the market is one of the blessings of summer.

I hope you are enjoying some simple blessings of this wonderful season too!



Small beginnings

There are small beginnings of spring here ~  oh, how it delights the heart!

spring 2014 009

The afternoon has turned sunny with an abundance of pretty blue sky.  There is more rain to come so I will enjoy this sweet touch of springtime!

Weekend blessings!

~Fall pleasures~

Here we are almost a week into fall already ~ the weather is cooling,  new routines are taking the place of the relaxed days of summertime, and the days are seeming much more cozy!  Days for…

♥Hot chocolate

♥The homey smell of an apple-cinnamon candle

♥Crafting time again ~ my first lavender sachets with lavender from my garden

♥Time for planning more projects to work on ~ I bought some flour sack towels on sale awhile back and I am especially looking forward to trying these

♥Settling into our school routine

♥Stocking up ~ although I am finding it difficult to find many good stock-up sales at the grocery stores these days!

♥Homemade soup

♥Enjoying the end of summer’s beauty & planning for next spring

I am definitely looking forward to enjoying the simplicity of this season and some quietness of heart as well.

What do your fall days look like?

Summer pleasures

Daisies on the front porch

My cottage garden

Livingstone daisies ~ new for us this year & one of our successes starting from seed

Strawberry yogurt popsicles ~ another idea from Faye at The Blessed Hearth!

Dried lavender ready for sachets

Lavender shortbread cookies

A riverside park was a lovely place for a picnic lunch

Enjoying the beautiful setting for a Farmer’s Market and an evening concert in the park ~ a day trip and time out for Bill and I

Back home at our own local Farmer’s Market there is much to enjoy.   Aren’t these lovely rag rugs?  We have a rag rug in our bedroom that Bill bought at an auction a number of years ago and I love it!  Have any of you tried making one?

An abundance of market flowers

And I especially love all the bouquets for $5 ~ so pretty!

My cutting garden has been a little trial and error this year with some successes and quite a few failures but it does bring me joy to see some things finally blooming!  Both Abbie and I planted calendula and bachelor’s buttons from seed and they are a couple of the successes.  Oh, and the sweet peas too ~ a first for me!

Where I only have a small amount of blossoms on my bachelor’s buttons ~ Abbie’s have been flourishing in the little ladder garden Bill made for her.  This is her first garden and it has done so well!

Such blessings we have in the simple things the Lord gives us.  I hope you have had a lovely Sunday and may the week ahead be filled with joy and peace in Him!