Fine art

fine art 010

One of Abbie’s school projects ~ an ink and watercolor sketch

Chicken love

fine art 012

The chicken notecards Abbie made for me for Christmas ~ I love them!

I so admire those who are blessed with fine art skills.  I was thinking about this lately and kind of wishing that fine art was one of my gifts.  Although I love to make things, I don’t have skills in any of the fine arts.  Just after thinking about this, I came across this quote again, and oh, what an encouragement!

“Practise economy as a Fine Art:  make a duty and a pleasure of it…economy is a high Christian duty, that nothing be lost”. ~ From “The Complete Home:  An Encyclopedia Of Domestic Life And Affairs”

Can’t we all do this?  I just love how the Lord comes and encourages us!  And so now I am inspired afresh to “practise economy as a Fine Art”!  And it is pleasurable and rewarding!  It’s something that I can always grow in and work at improving, just as if I was painting or sketching!

What are some of the ways you “practise economy” in your home?



Mason jar love ♥

Mason jars

…from canning, to pantry storage, to holding leftovers, for gifts, for flower bouquets ~ they are just so versatile…and pretty too!

A little creating with my mason jar stamp.  My inspiration was found here.

february 2015 006


mason jar art 009

A little Mason jar love to share


I think the blue jars are so pretty


A mason jar cookie cutter makes the sweetest cookies!  Just looking at these made me smile and had me thinking of an outdoor garden party!


I love using glass jars for storage…even just plain ones that I can fill up with good things for my pantry!

Do you love mason jars at your house too?

Hoping your day is filled with sweet things!



Not only do I have the joy of having my husband come home for lunch…today he arrived home with these!

014A bit of January sweetness for this girl who loves flowers ~ especially when those flowers can be planted out in the garden!  Joy!

We’ve had a taste of some beautiful warm January days and I am looking forward to spring!


Creating ~ In the kitchen

I have a super sweet blessing ~ my husband works close enough that he can come home for lunch!  I do love that!



Yesterday morning I saw this recipe for Skillet Bread and decided to make it for lunch.  It makes a lovely presentation right in the pan!  There is no kneading so it is simple too!  I  pulled out a jar of applesauce that I had frozen back in the summer and we had that along with some homemade soup.  I loved this noon time meal!


The deliciousness of a simple home-baked bread!

I think I have been slack in planning out for a little specialness for lunch time ~ and this little bit of “kitchen creating” has encouraged me to be more diligent in this!

Blessings on your day!


create 002

One thing I want to be more intentional about this year is creating.  When I first started thinking about this, it was mostly the idea of actually “making” things.  But the more I pondered this, I realized that I really want to “create” in other ways too.  This is in no way to be a burden, but to have joy in creating in many different areas.

These are some of the things I’ve been thinking of so far:


Pretty mail  ~ letters & cards & notes of encouragement

Gift tags

Nourishing meals

Healthy treats

Pretty gardens  ~flowers & edibles

Flower bouquets

Handmade gifts

Useful household items ~ candles, soap, knitted washcloths, pillowcases

Order & space ~ declutterring



Deeper relationships




I’m definitely looking forward to a year of creating!   How about you, do you have any creative inspiration to share?


These winter days

These have been wonderfully quiet, pondering & thinking kind of days.  These winter days after the activity of the holiday season and before the days of spring.

these winter days 006

It is a fresh new year!

 Always at this time I am looking forward to spring.  I know it will not be far off.  But for now I will bring a little spring inside.


Primroses are out now…a sure sign for me that spring will be coming!


These are the geranium cuttings I took back in the fall and set in water to root.

geraniums 013


They all rooted and now have been planted in soil.   I am so excited about this!  There have even been some blossoms!  In the spring I can plant them into one of the outside window boxes.  I love the frugality and satisfaction of this!  This fall maybe I will do more.

these winter days 010

Enjoying the evening with some candlelight.  Bill cut me a piece of branch from a limb that came down in a windstorm and I am using it as a little base for the candle…the rustic simplicity makes me smile.  Now it is all drippy with wax and adds even more charm.

beeswax tarts 003

I found  some beeswax tarts in a favorite little shop, and you should smell them!  The fresh honey smell is just delightful!  They are a new favorite, and they were so inexpensive!

these winter days 044

Reading by the fire!  This is has become one of my favorite winter activities.  We don’t have any small children to read to, but a couple years ago Bill and I started reading aloud to each other on winter evenings.   It allows for a slowing and settling in for the evening.  What a joy it is to read a good book together this way.

With this new year I hope it brings joy and fresh hope to you!  It is a new opportunity for us to do His will.

Sweet blessings friends!